Apr 11

Complete Wiring Diagram Of Honda CT90 Trail

The document shown here will provide you with the information about the complete wiring diagram of the Honda CT90 Trail. To be able to follow the wiring diagram better, we suggest you to first read to understand the Honda CT90 Trail wiring diagram comprehensively. The parts you will find inside this complete wiring diagram of Honda CT90 Trail model is like: right front turn signal light, neutral pilot lamp, speedometer lamp, high beam pilot lamp, turn signal pilot lamp, speedometer, headlight, left front turn signal light, lighting switch, turn signal switch, horn button, front stop switch, horn, ignition switch, spark plug, lighting dimmer switching arrangement, ignition switch switching arrangement, selenium rectifier, battery, neutral switch, AC generator with contact breaker, fuse, winker relay, stop switch (rear), right rear turn signal light, tail/stop light, sub harness, left rear turn signal light, and condenser. (click image to enlarge)

complete wiring diagram of honda ct90 trail e1302498423247 Complete Wiring Diagram Of Honda CT90 Trail

As for the wiring color code will be as follow:

G = Green, Br = Brown, Bl = Black, B = Blue, Y = Yellow, LB = light blue, G/Y = Green and Yellow, B/R = Blue and red, W/Y = White and yellow, Gr = Gray, O = Orange, R = Red, B = Blue, Y = Yellow, P = Pink, LG = Light green, LG/R = Light green and red, and R/W = Red and white.


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