Apr 01

Vespa Scooters Cables & Harness

In the Vespa Scooters cables & harness, you will find an image of Vespa Scooters with explanation of the cables & harness. The parts that are connected by the cables & harness is like the sparkplug shown in #3, flywheel magneto, low tension terminal in #4, external ignition coil, (STOP light – 6V-3W), tail lamp 16V-3W in #5, speedometer bulb (6V-0.6W), main switch in #7, pilot light 6V-3W, double filament bulb (6V25/25W) in #9, STOP light switch, horn in #10, and last is inside view of the head lamp in #13.


vespa scooters cables harness Vespa Scooters Cables & Harness


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