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Apr 24

Wiring Diagram For 1923-24 Apperson


What you will see here is the wiring diagram of the 1923-24 Apperson. This schematic is shown in clear image and clear writings, you can see clearly each connections and components in it. Our advise before you try doing your wiring work is to read and study this wiring diagram first, and then disconnect the …

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Apr 21

Wiring Diagram For 1920-21 Apperson


This is another old car wiring diagram, this is the wiring diagram for the 1920-21 Apperson Model 8-20, Bijur starting & lighting, Remy ignition systems. Although the drawings seems simple, you must study this wiring diagram comprehensively first before practicing any wiring work in your old car. Components you will be dealing with are including: …

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Feb 02

Apperson Wiring Diagram Of 1923-1924 Model 6-23 Remy Equipment


The image here is the Apperson wiring diagram if the 1923-1924 Model 6-23 Remy Equipment. This is a quite simple schematic, but do study them first before doing any wiring work. Some components inside are like: ignition coil, breaker, fuse, relay, generator, ammeter, starter, starter switch, cowl lamp, dash lamp, dimmer, and lighting and ignition …

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Feb 02

Apperson Wiring Diagram Of 1920-21 Model 8-20 Bijur Starting And Lighting, Remy Ignition System


This is an Apperson wiring diagram of the 1920-1921 Model 8-20 Bijur starting and lighting, also the Remy ignition systems. This is some very old car, so you may find this wiring diagram useful if you have an old car project going on. Inside this schematic diagram we will see components like: starting switch, Tonneau …

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