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Jun 21

Ignition Wiring Diagram For The 1922 Ford Model T

This is the ignition system wiring diagram for the 1922 Ford Model T. The ignition system of the 1922 Ford Model T consist of these several components; ignition and lighting switch, dimmer, coil box, magneto terminal, magneto contact, electric headlamp, spark plugs, horn, etc. See also the color of the cables used as connections in …

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Jun 21

Starter Wiring Diagram For The 1922 Ford Model T

This schematic here is the rare starter wiring diagram for the 1922 Ford Model T. The wiring drawing is specifically discuss about the starter system. Several components inside the starter system are including; tail light, battery, headlights, instrument board, terminal block, etc. We can also see many wiring connections, each with different cable colors. Study …

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May 31

Charging Circuit Diagram For The 1948-55 Ford All Models

Here we can see the charging circuit diagram for the 1948-1955 Ford all models. The charging circuit system will have these following components inside; 6 volt battery, generator, voltage regulator, ammeter, and solenoid that shows a connection to the starter. There are three connections from the voltage to the generator. From the battery the connection …

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May 16

Charging Circuit Diagram For The 1941-47 Ford All Models

The schematic is the charging circuit diagram for the 1941-1947 Ford all models. This charging circuit system uses components including: 6 volt battery, voltage regulator, generator, ammeter, and solenoid. There is a connection from the solenoid to the starter. Read and study the schematic thoroughly before performing any wiring work in your Ford. Click on …

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Apr 25

Starting Circuit Diagram For The 1951-52 And 1955 Ford All Models

The following wiring schematic is the starting circuit diagram for the 1951-1952 and 1955 Ford all models. The schematic inside are: starter, ignition and starter switch, solenoid, and 6 volt battery. Study the schematic to get the knowledge to perform any wiring work. Click on image to view it larger in a new tab.  

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