Electrical Wiring Diagram Of Honda CB650SC

What we will be showing you here is the electrical wiring diagram of the Honda CB650SC motorcycle. Before you perform any wiring work on your Honda CB650SC motorcycle, we must suggest you to first read about this electrical wiring diagram comprehensively, this can help you troubleshoot any wiring problem you may be having. The parts you will find inside this Honda CB650SC electrical wiring diagram will be like: speedometer, tachometer, turn signal and parking light, turn signal indicator, high beam warning, neutral indicator, turn signal indicator, ignition switch, fuse box, front brake light switch, starter motor, battery, turn signal relay, turn signal light, tail and brake light, generator, oil pressure switch, pickup oil, neutral switch, spark plugs, ignition coils, rear brake light switch, engine kill switch, starter switch, horn button, headlight dimmer switch, turn signal control switch, clutch operated switch, etc. (click on image to enlarge)

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