Complete Electrical Wiring Diagram Of 2010 Polaris 400L

Herein you will see a schematic about the complete electrical wiring diagram of the 2010 Polaris 400L. Make sure you have read and understand the wiring schematic shown here comprehensively before attempting any wiring work on your Polaris 400L wiring connections. The parts you will see here is like: power plug, high beam indicator, high beam, low beam, overheat indicator, oil indicator, neutral indicator, reverse indicator, AWD switch indicator, AWD switch, engine switch, light switch, transmission switch, low oil level sender, front wheel drive coils, override switch, speed limiter, alternator, voltage regulator, circuit breaker, solenoid, battery, brake tail light, accessory connector, CDI unit, ignition coil, spark plug, starter button, brake light switch, key switch, auxiliary shut-off switch, fan switch, and ETC switch. (click image to enlarge)

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