Simplified Wiring Diagram For 1945-46 Chevrolet Trucks 1-1/2 Ton 4×4 (1943-44 US Military Trucks)

This schematic is the simplified wiring diagram for the 1945-1946 Chevrolet Trucks 1 – 1½ Ton 4×4, also suitable for the 1933-1934 U.S. Military Trucks. This simplified wiring diagram will be showing components and connections of the electrical systems, we’ll be showing some of the components, here are some of them: left hand rear lamp, left hand lamp, stop lamp switch, gas tank unit, dome light switch, load regulator, gas gauge, horn button, instrument light, battery, dome light, trailer brake controller, starting motor, lighting switch, head lamps, distributor filter, voltage current regulator, ignition switch, armature filter, spark plugs, starting switch, etc. Click on image to view it larger in a new tab.


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