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Wiring Diagram Of Vespa 50 Elestart Model V5A 3

The following schematic is the wiring diagram of the Vespa 50 Elestart model V5A 3. This wiring diagram will still be shown in Vespa original language, the Italian language, but you can still read them clearly, the example of the Italian parts you will see here will be like regolatore that refer to regulator. Herein …

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Vespa Scooters Cables & Harness

In the Vespa Scooters cables & harness, you will find an image of Vespa Scooters with explanation of the cables & harness. The parts that are connected by the cables & harness is like the sparkplug shown in #3, flywheel magneto, low tension terminal in #4, external ignition coil, (STOP light – 6V-3W), tail lamp …

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Vespa Scooters Electric Wiring Diagrams

In the schematic of the Vespa Scooters electric wiring diagrams. The diagram will be build of parts like Flywheel magneto, Sparkplug, external ignition coil, low tension terminal, stop light-6V-3W, tail lamp 16V-3W, main switch, double filament bulb (6V25/25W), speedometer bulb (6V-0.6W), horn, pilot light 6V-3W, stop light switch, and horn, and also inside view of …

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